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Urine Sample Collection for Presumptive and Definitive Drugs-of-Abuse Testing

I. Purpose

To obtain an adequate, unadulterated urine specimen for drugs-of-abuse testing on automated EIA and LCMSMS testing platforms.

II. Materials

  1. Urine Sample collection kit: (includes 90 ml specimen container, tamper evident seal, and double-pouched specimen transfer bag
  2. Appropriate test requisition form (Control and Custody Form)
  3. Disposable latex gloves (or non-latex if employee and/or client has a latex allergy).

III. Standard Procedure

  1. Collector ensures the collection area is secure and there is bluing agent present in the toilet.
  2. Donor’s identity will be verified by photo identification (e.g. driver’s license or any other picture ID issued by federal, state or local agency) by collector upon commencing the collection process. Other means of positively identifying may be used under some circumstances.
  3. Collector will complete step 1 on the CCF and explain collection procedure to the donor.
  4. Donor will be instructed to remove any unnecessary outer layer clothing (e.g. jacket, hat, etc,) and to leave any briefcase, purse, or other personal accessories with the removed clothing.
  5. The collector will direct the donor to empty his or her pockets into lockbox. Donor’s personal items will remain secured for the duration of the specimen collection.
  6. Donor will wash and dry their hands under the observation of the collector.
  7. Collector will allow donor to select a collection kit. Kit will be opened, and the donor will be instructed to provide 45 ml of urine. Provided urine should be first-catch (from initial urine stream).
  8. Donor will be told not to flush the toilet and to exit the bathroom once specimen is obtained and bladder is emptied.
  9. Temperature of specimen will be recorded on CCF and if temperature is in range (90-100 deg F), collection container will be sealed. A tamper-evident seal initiated and dated by the donor will be placed over the cap and affixed to the sides of the collection cup.
  10. Donor will complete Step 3 on the CCF.
  11. Collector will complete Step 4 on the CCF.
  12. Specimen will be transferred to laboratory for testing. If sample is unable to be tested within 7 days, it should be stored frozen until
    analysis can be conducted.

IV. Special Procedures

  1. Adulterated or Specimen Temperature Out of Range
    Policy: The donor must provide a specimen that has a temperature between 90 and 100 deg F. Additionally, the sample must be free of any substance used to interfere with the testing Process.
    1. If provided sample is not within the acceptable temperature range (>90 deg F and < 100 deg F) or has been obviously adulterated in some way (strong chemical odor, uncharacteristic color, etc.), a second collection should be obtained under observed conditions (see section on Observed Collections). The requesting party generally should be notified.
    2. In the remarks section in Step 2 of the CCF, indicate the observed collection was performed and why.
    3. Both originally provided sample and sample obtained under direct observation (assuming it is within acceptable temperature range and free of adulterants) should be sent to the lab.
  2. Refusal to Test
    Policy: We consider the following circumstances a refusal to test:
      1. Noncompliance with any of the steps listed in the Standard Procedure or those listed in the Observed Collection Procedure.
      2. Leaving the test site prior to providing a sample of sufficient sample volume unless permission to due so is obtained from requesting party.
      3. Failure to arrive at the collection site within the referring party’s mandated time frame.
      4. Discovery of a prosthetic device during an observed collection.
      5. Inability to produce a sufficient urine sample within three hour window unless donor is able to provide documentation from a physician of a condition an existing condition that would explain patient’s inability to produce 30 ml under condition of collection process.

    If one of these circumstances occurs, the collector will terminate the collection process, make appropriate remarks in Step 2 of the CCF and inform the requesting party.

  3. Insufficient Sample Quantity
    Policy: In order for Options Lab, Inc to conduct drugs-of-abuse testing, a donor needs to provide at least 30 mL of urine. In cases where a split specimen is requested, the donor will need to provide 45 ml of urine for the specimen to be processed.
    If the donor is unable to provide the required amount of urine on their first attempt, the collector will:
    1. Record in Step 2 on the CCF the time at which the donor made the first attempt to void. Time of any other unsuccessful attempt will also be recorded on CCF.
    2. The donor will be given a three-hour window in which to provide a sample of the required volume. During this time frame, the donor will be allowed to consume up to 40 oz of fluid. The donor will remain at the testing facility under monitor until they provide an adequate sample quantity or the three-hour window elapses.
    3. If the donor is unable to provide required urine volume after three hour window expires, test will be temporarily suspended (pending physician explanation of physiological condition that would cause patient to be unable to provide a urine sample within collection parameters). Requesting party will be notified of testing delay.
    4. If donor is unable to produce a physician’s explanation of shy bladder within 72 hours, test will be cancelled.
  4. Observed Collection
    Policy: In addition to patients for whom direct observed collection is
    standard operating procedure, Options Lab perform observed collections
    under the following conditions:
    1. Donor provided a sample that is out of acceptable temperature range.
    2. Materials commonly known to interfere with the testing process are discovered during the collection.
    3. Donor provides a sample that has physical characteristics (strong chemical odor, unusual color, excessive foaming) that suggest it was adulterated.

    Procedure: Options Lab, Inc uses the following procedure for observed

    1. Collector or observer will accompany donor into the bathroom.
    2. Collector or observer will position themselves in a manner that allows them to visually confirm that the sample being into the collection container is originating form the donor.
    3. Once donor has finished voiding, the sample will immediately be removed from the bathroom area by the collector. If a non- collector observer was used, they will not handle the urine specimen but will maintain visual contact with the sample until it is given to the collector by the donor.
    4. Assuming temperature of sample is in range and volume is enough, collection will be completed as outlined in standard procedure. If sample is out of range, collection is terminated and referring party notified. If sample is less than required volume, follow Insufficient Sample Quantity procedure.

V. Reference

Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines, United States Department of Transportation Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance. Revised-
Effective August 25, 2008

VI. Author of Above Drug Testing Resources

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